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2017-10-26 05:23:20 (UTC)


Mood: Fine
Song: The A Team by Ed Sheeran
Color: Dark Blue

Okay so i'm taking a typical bucket list from online and seeing how many of the things from the list that i have done.
I will put the things i have done in parentheses! or if i am in the process of doing thing it will be in stars.

1. *Travel Around the world*
( I have been to 4 out of seven continents and several countries with many many more on my to do list.)

2. *Learn a new language*
( i know bits and pieces in several languages but only know my native one fluently)

3. * Achieve you Goal weight*
(My weight has gone up and gone down and i'm trying to be healthy but i think this is always a on going quest for everyone)

4. Run a marathon.
( In school and when i was younger i hated running, like track running, races running.... like i hated running just for the sake of running, now i enjoyed Basket ball, or baseball and that running didn't bother me, i think because i had other things to focus on and it wasn't just strait running.... i don't have a particular desire to run a marathon and i haven't ran one...but who knows what life may have in store, i do know i have major respect to people who train and run marathons)

5. Take part in a Triathlon
( Is it weird that i'd be more willing to do a Triathlon than a Marathon? i think it's that this involves not just running which i hate but also swimming and biking which i love)

6. *Take up a new sport*
( I have learned several new sports that i didn't previously play, like Tennis which i suck at, and bowling which i enjoy but am also not to great at but better at that than i am at tennis)

7. (Go scuba diving/ Snorkling and see marine life up close)
( In mexico i went snorkling on a coral reef, and i've also been scuba diving)

8. (Go Snow Skiing)
(I've been snow skiing with my friends when i was a teenager, it's harder than it looks lol)

9. Try a profession in a different field.
( you must first achieve a profession in a field not just dead end jobs)

10. Trek the Inca trail
( Maybe i will when i go to South America, Ha i'm down!)

11. (Go horse back riding)
(I'm from Oklahoma we were raised around horses and such...)

12. Do an extreme sport
( I want to do several extreme sports like sky diving and parasailing, Kite boarding, Zorbing, Zip lining )

13. (Climb a mountain)
(I've climbed several mountains over the course of my life and figure i will continue to do so)

14. (Learn a strategy game)
( I know how to play chess and checkers)

15. (Connect with past teachers)
(Been there done that, some of it's great and some of it's awkward lol)

16. (Let someone know how much they mean to you)
(Life's too short to not let people know how much you love them)

17.( Give a heartfelt surprise to someone)
(I've thrown surprise party's given surprise gifts and had surprise welcome home things for people)

18. (Preform a kind deed without expecting anything in return)
( I try to do small things everyday that are kind like yesterday i was getting something to drink from a vending machine and i got my drink but then bought another and left in in the bottom for someone to find and they'd have a free drink)

19. *Make a difference in someone's life*
( I'd like to think that i have made a difference in peoples life, that i am and that i will do, it's something i have done and will do so it stays forever in stars)

20. (Be a mentor to someone)
(i'm doing that now with the kids in this town and have done that before with specific people)

21. *Pursue your passion*
( i am, i will try to always pursue the things i am passionate about)

22. *Start your business*
( I have done a little bit of my Photography business)

23. Fly in a hot air balloon
( I want to and will)

24. (sing to an audience)
(I've sang in choir to audience's and also sang in church as kid)

25. (Do volunteer work)
(I've done different types all my life)

26. (Befriend a stranger)
(I've done that with anyone in this town that i am friends with, also with penpals)

27. (Get a drink for a stranger)
( i have paid for the person behind me in line before)

28. (Walk or dance barefoot in the rain)
(I have done this and will do this any time i'm able to because i love the rain so much)

29.( Run Barefoot )
( I have spent the majority of my childhood running around barefoot, heck childhood? even my adulthood)

30. (Experienced a sunrise/sunset)
(I'm from Oklahoma we have the best of those you'd ever hope to see, and i say that having traveled around the world)

31. See the Northern Lights
(i would love to spend a night just watching them)

32. (witness a solar eclipse)
(August 21st 2017)

33. ( Go star gazing)
(That's the perks of living in the middle of nowhere you have a great view of the stars....i miss that)

34. (Plant a tree and watch it grow)
( I planted a tree in Gotebo and any time i go back i see it and how it has grown and will continued to grow.)

35. (Get a Pet)
(I've had Dogs and Cats)

36. Publish a book
( i've written some things but i am definitely not published...but maybe someday)

37.( Do Public speaking)
(I've spoke at my graduation, and in other situations)

38. Throw a mega party
(Hahaha Nope, and Nope)

39. Get a complete makeover
( ahh maybe when i want to do a drastic change in the future)

40. Go on a blind date
(not really interested in this....ha.)

41. *Learn a musical instrument*
(I know a little bit in piano and bells and guitar But i'm not good at any of it.)

42. (Go on a road trip)
(been on a few)

43. Live in a different country for at least 6 months
( i will do this)

44. (Explore a cave)
(Yeep this is cool but also not my cup of tea, i don't like creppy crawlies and small spaces)

45. *Get closure on any past unhappiness*
( that's an on going life time journey)

46. Fly first class
(I'd like too but ugh...it's to expensive)

47. (Ride a roller coaster)
(I've been on many)

48. (Go on a cruise)
(I went on one when i was a kid with my parents)

49. (Fall in love)
(Have done, and will do it again)

50. Visit a castle
( i want to visit castles in Ireland!)

how may have you done or are in the process of doing???