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2017-10-25 19:51:21 (UTC)

Another useless hump day

Good lord. My knee is throbbing. I have done NO exercises today at all. NONE!! Why is it throbbing? It is so tight. The PT wrapped it up
Tuesday with strips of tape. I am not sure why. But he told me then I was gonna hate them soon cause they HAVE TO GET IT TO STRAIGHTEN and bend. Now, I am being blamed for the "goals" that were set by what I told them in the beginning of our relationship. I have to be able to walk a ways, go up and down steps things like that I wrote a goal. I had no idea they would hold me too it. What if it won't straighten up? Are they going to force it? What if he does not bend? Force it? Holy shit.

My friend from around the world suggested I start taking magnesium so I just happen to have some and started that today.

I was going to reach out to Mike on face book who had knee replacement a couple weeks before me. But I reAd on there today
that he IS DEAD. I know he is about 10 to 15 yrs younger than me....and he is dead. I have no idea why? Could he have killed himself
from that the pain? No, I am not going to do that. He looked as though he may have been living a unhealthy lifestyle. I guess we
will learn what happen in a few days. But I can not ask him.

So, I am on my own.

I am in bad shape still. Plus go back tomorrow. Two times next week. I know one thing. I am ok with taking it slow. I am not
going to be hurt. I have things to do. A life. I can not be laying around watching ice melt on my damn leg 24 /7. I just can't.

Our business stuff is doing good. We have two offers in and I will be drawing up more tomorrow.
At least I got that. I did place a timer in there so I am not over doing it.

Right now I am having flashes of major pain....shoot through my knee. I am hollering too. GOD I HATE THIS...

Pray for me somebody.
I can usually tell when you guys pray for me.

do not worry. I am not gonna off myself.