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2017-10-25 02:56:47 (UTC)

It Isn't Easy

Mood: Eh
Song: Down in the Valley By head and the Heart
Color: Red.

It isn't easy, this life, this existence we have... we were born into a world that was already broken, it already had it's problems and we were born into situations that were less than perfect, and have experienced environments that maybe we should have never been in...I know many that did... Sometimes there are terrible choices and heartbreak sometimes we wonder why we are even here in the first place if this is the life that we were born into....no one said it would be this hard!
but who also said that it was supposed to be easy?

It's not supposed to be easy, it's supposed to be worth it.
Life...is worth it.

Now like i said before life is hard, life has some genuinely terrible things in it and that naturally effects us, it makes us sad, makes us angry, makes us depressed, Makes us feel helpless.
But just because life is hard doesn't mean we are supposed to live with a mindset that everything is terrible and no matter what we do things are going to be bad, and that things are going to go wrong.
I think that we are alive for a purpose and that we should live our lives to the fullest that we possibly can.
Which means that we look at some of the good and great things that life has too offer, all of the beautiful and exciting and warm and fulfilling things that we can do and see and experience.
We experience the bad and we learn from it, we don't let it make us bitter.
We take full advantage of all the good and be thankful when good things do come our way.
Now with the Freedom we have to experience life to it's fullest also comes the responsibility!

How many times have you heard or even said "I didn't make that mess i'm not cleaning it up!"
I have said that... lol.
We were born into a messed up and broken world, we live day in and day out with imperfect people that drive us crazy sometimes but that does not give us a right to ignore them, to say that i didn't break it so why do i have to fix it?
it doesn't matter who you are, or where your from, or how old you are, you could be 9 or 90 if you are able to read these words and understand them than you have a responsibility to leave things better than the way you found them.
My Dad does that no matter where he is, he always fixes things up, cleans them up, repairs them, what ever he always make a place better than it was when he arrived when he leaves it.
It's something that has been taught to me, passed down and i think it translates from physical things and places to the world that we live in, and the people we encounter.
You can build up or you can tear down....
If you can encourage someone then do so, don't tear them down when you have an alternative option.
If you can leave people and places better than they were when you found them do it, because that's your responsibility.
Life isn't easy, so why should we make it harder for not only us but the people who will come after us by destroying everything we touch?
weather that be:
The world,
The people in it.
The Traditions that we hold dear.
The Positive vibes we do have that are lesser and lesser all the time.
The Faith that people once had.
The laughter and smiles
The Hope.
The Hard working mentality
The Love
The Compassion.

We can't change the past, we can't change the situations we were born into...but there comes a point where we have to take responsibility for our own lives and for the world we live in.
We can't change the past but we choose what the future will be and if nothing changes in a positive way that that will reflect our actions and only our actions because it's our responsibility.
It isn't easy but it's worth it.

You can still see where the water was in a line at the top of the chimney bricks
Sometimes somethings so broken it can never be fixed
So we saved a few things that were spared and brought it to the ground
Cause you always build it better the second time around
I drove past the place we used to live, where you said you never wanted kids
Sometimes somethings so broken it can never be fixed
I'm sleeping more and eating again i'm starting over like a factory town
And you always build it better the second time around
You always build it better the second time around.

Build it better by Aron Wright

Guys...we are the second time around.