The Girl With 4 Scars

The Girl With 4 Scars
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2017-10-24 00:23:33 (UTC)

Officially Deleted My Facebook.

I officially. Permanently, deleted my facebook account just now.
It takes about 90 days to permanently delete I guess.
I have no desire for facebook anymore.
I don't care about anyone's stupid relationships or memes.
I don't care about the stupid kids they have and how they're growing up.
I don't care what they had for dinner of it they have the "best boyfriend ever." or "best hubby ever."
I don't care what they're doing with other friends.
I don't care where they're going in life.

Mostly, the reason, I don't care for it. Is, because, even, if I tried to communicate, with these people.
They don't ever seem interested. or care to talk. So they can all go to hell for all I care.