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2017-10-23 16:17:42 (UTC)

Wet day equals pain?

Is this what I signed up for? I may have. I do recall the doctor saying I would experience more pain on wet damp days like this. And he is correct. I am. It feels real tight and hard as heck to bend. I was doing so much better Friday...even yesterday was better than today. And the pain is on and off. That howling I do for this particular pain...a sound that automatically comes roaring out of my mouth. Maybe.I was a wolf or something in a past life, who knows? I have done this twice comes on unexpectedly and leaves as fast.

I got up today noticing my son's truck was here. I thought he was back in bed since he does outdoor work and usually does not not work on days like this. So, I go into the kitchen to prepare some breakfast. I was getting ready to make him a egg sandwich....had the bread out, eggs...pan I was ready. By chance I decided to check to see if he was awake. He was not in there. He rode with someone else today...and I was getting ready to fox his breakfast. So, instead, I prepared a bowl of grits and fried an egg. That was it for me.

I am not sure if I an do much else today. I need to go pick up my contacts and have my glasses looked at possibly ordering another pair.
But I have a 9am PT appointment I thought I may just go afterwards and stick around here today.....trying to work out the
kicks. My knee hurts like crazy today.

The lady the cut my hair said her aunt was taking hydrocodone and oxicotin in a 10mg. I only had oxi in 5mg. And that was it. I am not even taking that shit anymore. She said her aunt was taking all of it and all the time..and is not doing well at all. Crying in pain constantly. So, I guess I am lucky not to be in that shape. But not being in that shape still does not ease my concern that I may have to have additional surgery to get this right. She will most likely have too for real. But so could I. I am doing all I can. Trying hard to get back to normal.

I sent out post cards yesterday. I rode around the other day looking for houses for sale by owner. Found a couple but did not even stop to note to address or number. Fuck it. I guess. I am losing my will. This pain is sucking the life out of me.
I am not like her aunt and I am not taking pills all damn day. That is not me. My body can not handle it.
Saturday was so good. Sunday ok, and Monday down the sliding slope to no where land.