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2017-10-23 02:00:27 (UTC)

Tired And the weekend

Mood: drained (i ain't as young as i used to be :P)
Song: Build it better the second time around by Aron Wright.
Color: Dark Blue.

So This weekend was fun, Kim came and stayed the night and spend all day with us today.
We stayed up until 4 something in the morning last night.... which is part of why i feel so freaking tired lol.
Plus being in the Revival at Snyder and just dealing with new places and new people is always draining but it went well and everything concerning that is good.
Dad went to the hospital because of his heart racing for no reason two day's ago, they sent him home with a heart monitor, and hopped that it would happen again but that they could catch it this time on the monitor and figure out what is wrong and so as we were leaving Snyder it happened and Dad went into melt down mode....and he and mom are at the hospital and i have had no news so far.
I know he's going to be okay.

Kim got me into watching this new show called the Good doctor which is about a Autistic surgeon and it's honestly amazing and sad, and thought provoking and it's an underdog story which are always good and here is a little bit of something that he says, when he's trying to convince the hospital board to let him be a surgeon at this hospital and i absolutely just...ugh it yanks your heart out but it's amazing.

"The day that the rain smelled like ice cream, my bunny went to heaven in front of my eyes, the day the copper pipes in the old building smelled like burnt food, My brother went to heaven in front of my eyes.
I couldn't save them, it's sad.
Neither one of them had the chance to become an adult, They should have become adults, They should have had children of their own and loved those children, and i want to make that possible for other people."


We went to Lawton in the afternoon today and saw Manuel Urbina, I knew him as a kid, when i was 7 and under, he was a very nice man, had, has a good heart.... I drew him a picture once and he has it in his bible to this day because it meant something to him, that someone even just a small child at the time thought enough of him and loved him enough to make something for him.
That was over probably 18 years ago.
i haven't seen him in person in probably 16 years... it was good to see him, it was amazing to surprise him and make him happy, he will always have a special place in my heart you know? also he's 94 in December....isn't that crazy?

As it is Sunday i will say what i am thankful for.

1. My family
2. My friends
3. Kim.
4. God.
5. Photography.
6. Nice day's.
7. Laughter.
8. Jokes between friends.
9. Sleep.
10. Not being car sick while in the car for long periods of time today.
11. Music.
12. TV shows and moves that touch your heart.
13. a pinch of home.
14. That i don't have to wake up early anything tomorrow.
15. Make up cleaning wipes.
16. Hot drinks (Tea, coffee hot chocolate ect)
17. Sunset.
18. Night.
19. Peaceful small towns.
20. Internet.