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2017-10-22 14:01:52 (UTC)

Sunday's reflections

Yesterday I went to get this hair cut off. It is short again and thinner. I decided to stop in at a nail salon near there to have the color on my nails changed. The last manicure's color was wearing off. I can not polish my own nails anymore. Anyway, it was only 7 bucks so why not? I sat beside this friendly black lady who was showing everyone this photo on her phone someone had sent her of a tree. I think I had seen that tree on Facebook, but they were telling her that it was a photo from right up the road. A neighborhood I was familiar with. She and I talked and introduced ourselves to one another. She told me before she left hat she was going to go look for the tree and take a better photo of it. She would send it too me on Facebook. When I got home, my husband told me he thinks he works with her husband., I have heard him speak of the man many times. I finished up what I was doing at home for him so I could get back out. I wanted to take advantage of the good day I was having.

I left and rode through town. Cars parked everywhere. I saw nothing going on so I had to assume it was something going on at one of the many churches we have in town. All the shops were open and people were walking up and down window shopping too. The new place to eat had people sitting outside under the umbrellas to protect them from the afternoon sun. It felt good to see all this.

I decided to go the Mexican place to get something to eat before going back home. I was in there about an hour. I choose something new this time. And man was it good. I was so delighted with it. I love burritos but not this time. It smelled good cooking too. Had a couple of cold beers before returning home.

Came home, got comfortable and propped up for some movies I had taped earlier in the week...

Feeling much better today..a little stiff...but not as much pain.
I think I am going to make it after all.