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2017-10-21 21:21:05 (UTC)



It is 7.05 p.m. and it has stopped raining. It seems it is going to rain tomorrow as well. I slept after lunch because I was very tired though. I am OK now and not so depressed as I was before. I am glad about that. I don't like to feel miserable but most of the time I do.

I helped to cook lunch this morning and yesterday I vacuumed the house. The washing machine just finished the last cycle and it is done. I have asked my daughter to hang the clothes and then I have finished folding the clothes that were in the tumble dryer.

My parents were busy today with some packing... Actually they have moved some bits and piece to the storage room. I also helped with some of that. So, I was tired.

Tomorrow we are going to have lunch out. I guess my father is going to pay for that because I don't have money for it. This is a little bit depressing but what can I do. Money is always short.

I am glad today is 21 st of October... It gives me the impression that the end of the year is arriving. Everything is going to be very different. My parents are just about to move. Actually, they will move this coming week. I hope they will be OK with their choice of life.

Well, I hope tomorrow we have a nice day...

Good energy to everyone...