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2017-10-21 06:10:04 (UTC)

Early morning or late night

Who knows? I was laying around trying to rest but hard to do that when so much needs to be done. I washed a bunch of towels sheets and a load of colors then more sheets.. I put a flat sheet on this leather recliner because it is so cold and I do not like my skin sticking to it when I sweat. Yes, I sweat. I had tried to use a twin size but it is not staying in place and is not long enough to cover where my feet lay. So, tonight, with the twin sheet on....I was laying here in this chair and all of sudden, my ankle started burning, then my right leg below my knee and my hands. Itching like crazy and burning. I put some Cortizone on it and that did not help. So, I was thinking it must be dust mites, I hate damn carpet. So, I got the vacuum out and ran it over the carpet in here, down the hall to the den area. and tried to clean it good. I came back in here after emptying the dust out and decided to just take another shower and put a new queen size sheet on this chair. I did all that and in the shower, I have a square shaped place on the top of my foot and a square shaped place below my knee where you can clearly see a bite mark.....I did not see a bite mark on my foot, but all the other was the same. MAN. I may have got bitten by a spider, dust mites...bed bug....who the hell knows? I know one thing. If he decides to hold off on the remodel inside and get this nasty shit up....I am just gonna have to get accustom to this. I have no where to go.

I will attempt to get my hair cut tomorrow. I have bite marks on the back hair line. It worries me that she might think I have head lice or something. But I used that crap in the middle of the week and left it on all afternoon with a shower cap. There can not possibly be anything like that going on. But the dust mites? Maybe. Bed bugs? Maybe, He keeps saying no to all that. Probably because he does not want to spend money to get it taken care of, kind of like he does not want to spend the money to fix the white trash decor beside of the driveway at the entrance to our house. He did not like me asking that guy to come give me an estimate. He told me today to leave it....he will do it.

FUCK MAN, I was gonna ask the guy to put me up a new mail box too. I wanted that shit done while dip shit was at work. It looks like shit. He has it attached to the post with a wire wrapped around it. I am not kidding. There is numbers on it too, but not our house number.....
Crazy. I live in a crazy unsanitary environment.

Sometimes I just beg for death. No one would miss me for long.
He would run my son off and live here in his glorious filth forever. He will spend all fucking day on that damn mower cutting the grass...does not weed eat...does not take care of any of the other cutting the grass.....well it still looks like shit.

And in here? I would be more cleaner living out in the garage or the doghouse.

I hate this damn place. Have for a long time.

But who wants to go live in assisted living and risk being raped or beaten to death? one wants that shit.

Oh sucks and continues to keep it up.