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2017-10-20 10:18:42 (UTC)

Much better now

Good morning!

I just took my daughter to school.

Last night, I wasn't anxious but I was bored and fed up with my life. It is not any kind of news here but I struggle to continue my life sometimes... specially if I sleep in the afternoon as I did yesterday. But I am here again, looking for a better future but I must say if I do everything the same then it is difficult to wait for some different tomorrow.

I haven't started my housework this morning. Although, the cleaner came here on Monday I still should vacuum the house. I might do it this morning. Let's see.

This morning I have spoken to my husband. He seems to be all right but a bit frustrated with our situation.

Well, I must go now... I have the housework to do.

See you soon... Good energy to everyone... I am much better now.