The Girl With 4 Scars

The Girl With 4 Scars
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2017-10-20 03:33:23 (UTC)

“You look really tired....”

There’s an older woman that I work with. That ALWAYS, has to comment on how tired I look. Even, when I don’t feel tired myself.

she’ll always say:
“oh you look really tired..”

Now, this doesn’t bother me really. It’s just annoying as fuck sometimes. AND, I’m the ONLY, ONE SHE SAYS THIS TO!! Like, there are some people, that I could tell look really tired, but I’ll never actually say it.

Whenever, she says this.
I just want to respond with:

“Well hey, you look really old..”

But, you know, I’m nice, and I keep this comment to myself. Because. knowing me. I’d Be the ONE to get in trouble.

I secretly, think, this phrase:
“ oh hey you look tired..”

is just a nicer way, of someone saying “oh hey you look like shit.”
if you want to tell me, I look like shit. just tell me I look like shit, and I’ll tell you, you like, you’re about to drop dead.