Robert Lee Stahlnecker

A Faith Of Fun And Cheer
2017-10-19 23:17:23 (UTC)

Hospital Faith Code

Hospital Religious Faith Codes
August 10, 2017
Note: This is for education purposes only and is strictly confidential.

A: Episcopalian
B: Buddhist
C: Christian
D: Scientologist
E: Eastern Orthodox
F: Sikh
G: Druidic
H: Hindu
I: Islamic
J: Jain
K: Shinto
L: Mormon
M: New Age
N: Neopagan
O: other
P: Protestant
Q: Quaker
R: Roman Catholic
S: Jewish
T: Taoist
U: Unitarian Universalist
V: Cao Dai
W: Baha’i
X: atheist/agnostic
Y: African traditional
Z: Zoroastrian