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2017-10-19 12:28:13 (UTC)

Appointment 2

I shall be getting ready to go to my second PT appointment this week n a few. Now, yesterday, I did do the exercises I was asked to do. I
only did them twice, not three times as asked. However, it was not easy. I told him yesterday that it would be easier to do if I had a timer
since a couple things are done for 3 minutes and 5 and 15. I had mentioned Tuesday something about compression socks they ask if I had.
So, this morning when I got up at 4:30am to pee; I heard him in the kitchen putting things away. I walked in there and I was correct, he must
have stopped at Wal Mart to pick up some things for the next few days. I had cooked yesterday but he knows I won't be here today when
he gets up. I stood in there talking to him a little bit before returning to bed. He had bought me a digital timer and a manual
timer like you normally use for the kitchen and a couple pairs of compression socks. Lord have mercy. I am so blessed. I am in no
shape to go walk around in Wal mart or any large store like that. They told me to stop going to the grocery store for now...after seeing
the shape I am in. So, today...I go back for my second PT. I am very scared of all it. I left there last time in lots of pain. Came home to ice it
with little relief. I was thinking about taking a pain pill before going today. But do they not understand that I do have to drive to get
there and back home? I know I should not be driving and taking those pills. So, I am not doing it. Not this time. I have an appointment to
get my hair trimmed after the PT so I am hoping they go easy on me. Matter a fact, I am going to talk to them today about that.
GO EASY ON ME...we got nothing but time. I am in no hurry to get back to work....all those goals they hurry. Let's do this
nice and easy....slow is my speed.

Hell, this morning I was trying on pants to wear. I have to sit on the edge of a chair to put them on. I put my feet out a ways to stand up.
Looked at them, and instead of stepping back to the chair before sitting....I just fall back...and the chair was a bit farther away than
I expected. I figure one half of an inch and I would have broken my damn back. So, I really NEED TO WAKE UP AND PAY ATTENTION.

I am very discouraged at this point. I really want to be out there making money. I see these post on FB all the time...yesterday for real...
where real estate brokers near here are bragging about all the listings under contract, so many closings to go too...etc.....these little
high heel wearing....fake boob pricks really piss me off. Am I jealous? HELL YEAH. I want to be making that money...and they are
making it in MY TOWN. MINE!! DAMN IT....the little shits. Fuck them.,

I feel better now....thanks for letting me rant.