My Letter To The World
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2017-10-19 04:04:31 (UTC)


Mood: So freaking tired.
Song: Pilot by Amber Run
Color: Red

How my thoughts go from one thing to another....how things can be randomly associated.

Low, Low down, information, technology, Google, researching, Searching, finding, discovering, Founding, Traveling, seeing, sight seeing, Photography, memory, memorize, study, learn, grow, grow up, grow old, die, death, sting, stung, bee, honey, tea, southern, Oklahoma, sunset, sunrise, day, daylight, delight, happy, smile, song, music, emotion, breathe, life, long live the king, for king and country, Australia, Zoe, friend, family, faith, fight, battle, war, peace, patience, kindness, Joy, Journey, don't stop believing, Brandon, superman, Batman, movies, movie magic, magic, wizard, vampire friend, puppy dog, rascal :(, black, zoro, robin hood, Not in Nottingham, Fox, Fox and the hound, Goodbye may seem forever, cry, tears, rain, rainbow, Promise, hope, belief, change, fear, anxiety, shaking, hiding, hide and seek, murder in the dark, darkness, night, nightmare, horror movie, jump scare, Dan and Phil, YouTube, Vloggers, Videos, internet, Laptop, Phone, Phone call, Jail, prison, Crime, laws, Broken laws, Speeding, traffic, Traffic Jam, City, public transportation, Buses, trans planes and automobiles, driving, Drivers licence, Car crash, crash world, Cinderella story, Hilary duff, Lizzie McGuire, Tara, Pink, Pink Panther, Cartoons, 90s, 90's kids, The good old days, Days int the sun, Celine Dion, Beauty and the Beast, Fairy tails, Books, Chronicles of Narnia, Honor, Kings and Queens, Queens and kings kings and queens blue Lily Lily blue crowns and birds swords and things blue Lily Lily Blue, The Raven cycle, Gansey, Camaro, Orange, Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Glendower, knights, Scooby doo, Mystery, The Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, Childhood, Toys, Beanies, Pets, Bridget, Boston Terrier, dog Bite, Swing set, Chased up a slide by Basset Hounds, Charlie, Cheer up Charlie, Charles, A, Pretty little liars, Lies, Tries, vines, Poison ivy, Everyone's allergic to poison ivy, Ivy league, Gilmore girls, Coffee.

this is how my mind works..... some of the references people will understand others definitely not, but it is still all connected and weird and random ha.