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2017-10-17 20:11:01 (UTC)

After PT day one

HOLY SHIT!! The girl worked the crap out of me. Said my knee is not straight enough nor am I able to bend it properly. She worked me
hard and I was almost in tears before I left. She said that I have been over doing it. Staying on my feet too long at a time, sitting at the computer too long at a time without taking a break. I do not need to be walking too much until we get this leg straight and bending enough.....

at the end of our time, she put this wrap on my leg that resembled a blood pressure was to ice it and it did squeeze my leg too. At one point it was too much. She said we will be ending our sessions for the first few using it. She gave me only three exercises to do three times a week and ice afterwards. Once we reach the goal set of the knee being straight and bending enough, then we will work on making it stronger.

She said the insurance changing to medicare is fine. No issues with that.

Holy crap man. this sucks........after 7 weeks it still sucks