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2017-10-17 01:48:46 (UTC)

Death Stings

Mood: Sad
Song: none
color: Dark Green

We had to Put Rascal down today..he was in too much pain, and was crying and wining.
We knew it was the right thing to do, but that doesn't make it any easier you know? like it doesn't make death any easier.
That dog was 15 years old. i was 8 years old when we got that dog.
I mean that's the majority of my life. Isn't that crazy to think about? it's like losing a family member.
My mom who's dog it was, he was her's she was his.... is naturally taking it the hardest.
I helped my dad bury him this afternoon.
I just....ugh.
I know that death is a part of life...it's the price you pay for being born, the reality that you will have to die.
But as i always am when i'm presented with death weather it be a person or a pet, i'm struck with how wrong death feels...how it shouldn't be normal...how messed up the concept is.
we weren't meant to die you know? God didn't create people to die....so that's where i get my feelings of it being wrong and just being something that shouldn't be at all.
I hate having to dig a grave, i hate having to put something in the ground and then walk away...

Death stings... it always does. it always will.