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2017-10-16 22:26:32 (UTC)

A better day so far

Holy crap. A little bitching yesterday must have worked. Not that I was in any way thinking something or anything I was doing would actually work. But today has been much better. I went to the grocery store. NO CANE. Came home. Walked down the driveway to get the mail and back to the house. NO CANE. Then about two hours later I went to the post office and then to the bank. I had to go inside to have a wire transfer done. I walked into the bank and back to the car. NO CANE. I then went to the drug store and walked around in there making sure I had ink for my printer and some other things. When I got home, he had already went to work. I came inside and put down the garage door, and sat at the computer searching for property for the boss and sending him information. It was about 20 minutes. I got up and came into my room, sat in recliner for a while, then changed clothes. I have to say it. All that today and no pain yet. I was miserable yesterday.

But tomorrow is my first day of Physical Therapy so maybe I can get back on track.

The lady at the bank who said her 42 yr old husband had something done to his knee in April and it was not even a replacement, and he is still in a lot of pain and not able to do much. It hurt a little listening to that. But shows that no matter what our age, we all are different and our results to anything we do is not going to be the same. Plus, we are rolling the dice when we choose doctors. Seriously.

Okay...the boss said we are getting ready to actually have some business.....he looked at over 30 lots today with thiese so called
investors. They are forming a corporation to use to make the offers. He said that can happen quickly and if they are for real,
things should begin to happen soon. I just asked that he be sure to check with the Secretary of State to be sure the corp is listed and we will have to have names of all officers. I been down this rodeo before. Show me the funds people....then I will believe it. Until then, I do not jump through hoops.

Anyway....I feel much better today.

Oh yeah. Joe Jonis is one of my friends on FB. No, I do not know him but his parents live in a town near here and have a
business there. Anyway, he asked his gf to marry him and she said yes. I sent her a friend request and she approved it
fast. Later, I was in here watching something and Entertainment tonight...or no, it was that show that comes on in the middle of the
day that the guy who use to be on Big Brother.....doing the interviews in on. They were talking about Joe and that girl. It was
so cool. I already knew it...and they were reporting it. Those Jonis's are good people...every darn one of them.
For real....