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2017-10-15 23:18:41 (UTC)

Sunday not Saturday

I thought it was Saturday this morning. I was clued in to the reality of it being Sunday instead while teaching for cartoons to watch and the only thing I could find was CHURCH. I am ok with church, just not when I am in the mood for Donald Duck or Porky Pig....not that anyone today would have a clue to whom they are.

More damn pain today and stiffness. I could only walk short distances. When I say short distances, I mean from bedroom to kitchen and back to bedroom. Once I had to sit down a rest to complete the task. MY knee hurts like hell. I am beginning to believe that my body is rejecting my new knee. And the next damn person that tells me that they have had knee replacement and it was the best thing they ever going to get punched in the damn face. TRY ME BITCHES. TRY ME.

Ate too much today. But what the hell.

He went to the store and it took him 3 hours claiming the stores were crowded. We live so close, he could have walked. I know he is up to something and he is lying. But do I care? Not really. I wish he had stayed longer.