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2017-10-15 15:08:41 (UTC)

The days are pretty much the same

Hi there!

It's Sunday. Another day for me that seems to be the same... I am glad it is already the end of the week and tomorrow will be a fresh starting day.

I am very down today... I guess it is the routine... It is always the same here because I don't have a lot of choices. I know I complain a little bit but then this is my own space, my diary. I would like to change things as I said before but then it is not up to me. I hope next year comes soon. My parents won't be here anymore after this coming week if I am not wrong. But they intend to build something for them in the woods... Lets's see what happens.

My thoughts today are related to my life and how I can change it... It came to my mind I could be working but then I would miss my daughter in the afternoons... Last week, I missed her a lot because I went out a lot. So, I was worried about her lunch and how she would eat by herself. However, I left a ready meal for her and she was OK. There is this kind of concern because she doesn't know how to cook and she is very young although she is a teenager.

We had lunch at my parents' house. One of the last meals there... I guess my father was a little bit drunk. Then he spoke too much in my opinion and got upset very easily. I am kind of sensitive today. So, everything seemed too much to cope.

Well, I am washing one load of clothes and tomorrow the cleaner is supposed to come... I still have things to do but as she comes tomorrow I am happy because it needs cleaning the parking space and the balcony as well the house.

So, for today routine... and good energy to all f us.