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2017-10-15 11:51:13 (UTC)

If you're gonna shoot me down, do it gently.

I never thought that being open and honest would be the answer to everything. The wine of life. For the first time in what I can only describe as a long and painful journey, has clarity been so nourishing.

Anxious highs filled with pleasure, love and meaning, quickly sinking to depressing woefully lows. The act of sink or swim within a heartbeat.

In these times with these painful lows, and pleasurable highs there is hope. Where these two extremes meet, the bubbling, overflowing extra that pours down into a single glass. Creating something beautiful, something clear, something precise comes clarity.

A fortunate turn of events has left me feeling secure, safe and willing to advance closer to what I can only describe as the lifeline that I've become so immune to.

You are not just a presence that shadows the glass. That directs and pulls these emotions. You are the glass, it's contents, the overflow and the stimulation. You can inflict a world of wonder, a world of beauty. You can give meaning.

You may look strong and sturdy, almost unbreakable, but just like real glass, however, you are prone to break. I will nurture, comfort and protect your fragile shell. Knowing deep down that there will be the inevitable fracture. I just hope that when that day comes, you'll put your faith in me to preserve your fragile walls.

You're fine, you're mine. I'm the mistake you wanna make.