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2017-10-15 03:43:31 (UTC)

A list .

Mood: Tired but feel like writing a little something.
Song: The Rent soundtrack....
Color: Peach

That thing where you are just really glad that you met someone?
where they have changed and influenced your life and it's just a nice thing when you think of them.
Well this is a list of people i'm very happy to have met and happy that i know them.

1. Summer.
2. Willie
3. B.
4. Hannah.
5. Karl
6. Zoe
7. Jay.
8. Estebaliz
9. Ares
10. Ginny
11. Brandon
12. Chris
13. Kim
14. James
15. Candice
16. Catrina
17. Tammy
18. Larayne
19. Seth
20. Will J and Mafie