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2017-10-15 02:12:52 (UTC)

Still in pain..hard to handle

Man. I am still limping and using the cane and sometimes even the walker. I am in a lot of dang pain still. I hope the physical therapy that I start
next week can help get me back on track. I hate to think think that the people I saw with their legs wrapped up from hip to ankle could have had something done after their knee replacement and they is gonna be me soon. HOLY SHIT....hell to the no,

I start on Tuesday. I can go 2 or 3 times a week. I will be trying to get in as much as I can handle. I really need to get on my feet again.

My daughter stopped in here on her way home from work and hung here a while last before returning home. She was driving a bus today for extra cash and came here to pick up more. We told her we would help out for now. Her husband is already actively seeking a job and he seems to have improved a lot. Hoping he gets one soon. I think she laid down the law to him and may be afraid of having to move in with his over controlling mother. That would not go well.

Oh yeah, I am trying a month free NETFLEX. The first time I watched that new FULL HOUSE show where they start again 29 yrs later...
I was enjoying the show until one of the new little kids was telling his mother that yes, he knows the "bad words" and he mentioned Donald Trump as one. So, I stopped that one and will not watch anymore of it. I guess I will be watching to see if anything worth a crap is on there.
We are losing more channels on cable. Usually the ones I watch or my husband. 22 channels may be lost on Monday. If that happens...I am calling them. This is ridiculous. We pay a LOT for cable. We do not have the movie channels like showtime or HBO...but without them, we still pay a lot. We have to pay for those boxes and remotes....etc. So, as much as we pay, we should not be paying more for less channels.
I will lower it a LOT when. I talk to them. If I can get it lowered a good bit and use Netflix to make up some lost channels....I think I would have more entertainment for less not to mention I can take net flex with me. We are almost bill free here. My son pays us to live here. He is basically paying us enough to pay all our utility bills. We only have a power and cable bill. He is paying that. Our house payment and health insurance is gone in December. So, we will be saving about 1500 a month. I figure if all we have to do is buy groceries and put gas in our car...we can at least save about 1500 a month and really save up some savings. I just hope his truck last a few more years.

Anyway...I am hurting a lot. Hard to walk sometimes. And standing up to cook dinner today put me in the recliner with a bag of ice.
It is getting old as I am getting tired of this shit.

Anyway.....I created a new post card today too. It has a photo of the Charlotte Skyline. And it is beautiful....really...good.
The boss has not replied yet...but I am hoping he does soon.