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2017-10-14 20:49:38 (UTC)

Counterfeit Omen of Evil

Mood: Morbidly Amused
Song: Seasons of love
Color: Red, and oddly i'm liking the vibe.....its fall.

Okay so i've had several odd dreams lately some of them i only remember bits and pieces and i thought i would do some research on some of the meanings of the things that i didn't understand...because some things i do already know what they mean but anyways here is a brief description of the dream or at least a piece of it and what it's supposed to mean.

I dreamed that i was paying for something with cash it was 20 dollars and i paid with four five dollar bills and one of the 5 dollar bills was a counterfeit.... and i was short 5 dollars.
To dream of counterfeit money means that things aren't as they seem to be, that you will have trouble with some unruly and worthless person, This dream always omens evil.

(Oh brilliant freaking brilliant i dreamed an omen of evil -_- that's just my luck :P i do think it's kind of funny that i dream of a counterfeit 5$ rather than counterfeit 100$ or something -_- haha i'm broke even in my dreams.... and it would cost more than 5$ to make a counterfeit 5 dollar bill -_-)

I dreamed i was driving into deep water, it was the ocean but it wasn't salty.... weird i know but i remember diving into the water and it being clear blue i could see through and it didn't hurt my eyes to open them underwater and i sunk far enough down to be a few feet under the water but then i just stopped sinking and i was like floating between the surface and the bottom of the ocean...just looking around me at fish and sunken boat and i was holding my breath it's not like i could breath under water and it suddenly hit me after being amazed at just floating in the middle of the water all still that i would have to get to the surface and i didn't know if i could move...like swim up, i could move like spin around to look all around me but it was like i was stuck in place.

To dream of clear water means positive things are coming...
But to dream of a sunken ship is an unfavorable sign it suggest that you may soon be fooled or betrayed the offender would be someone very close to you, that is like a partner, or old friend.

(Why are all my dreams shaping up to be that something terrible is going to happen!?!?!? like what the heck hasn't enough bad stuff happened lately? but i guess i do understand that interpretation because i do have a fear of being betrayed by people that should be close to me...it's something that has happened and i do have a real fear of it happening again)

I dreamed that i was tied up in chains and metal.... i was freaking out and trying to break free, it was really tigh around me but i found i could slide down and slowly like wiggle out of it without breaking the chains but it was a very slow process...and i woke up before i was able to get out of it but i felt panicked and claustrophobic.

To dream that you are tied up in chains represents your feelings of restraint and confinement , you are not being permitted to to express some part of your character or personality.
to dream of Iron of old rusty iron(which is the metal i saw in the dream) denotes suffering.

(are you freaking kidding me! I promise i didn't plan this!)

I dreamed that i was on a building roof top, and i was sitting on the ledge but i was facing the rest of the roof not like the edge and on the ground i found a lighter and so i picked it up and sparked it to see if it would light and it did so i kept sparking it, on, off on, off, on, off and then i suddenly stood up to leave sparked the lighter on and without looking threw it off the ledge of the building over my shoulder.

to dream that one sees themselves on a roof means that you are going to be in some sort of calamity. -_-
To dream that you find a lighter in a dream means that you will receive kindness from an older person.
To spark a lighter refers to peace, comfort and order.

well i have mostly omens of evil and bad things to come so says my dreams....all which seemed so odd and weird for me to dream and unrelated....
with a few flickering hopes for good things to come.
Idk why i dreamed of chains and lighters, thing i rarely ever mess with see, have....ect.