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2017-10-14 18:29:02 (UTC)



It is a drizzly afternoon. I took a nap after lunch and now I am here. I must say I ate a slice of Panettone because I wasn't very hungry though. Christmas is coming... I already told my parents that this year I am not spending a lot of money in presents. I might give just chocolate if I have some spare money.

I might as I said to decorate the Christmas tree but I am not sure of that. Some people love Christmas but since my husband has returned to England I feel like something is broken. It is always possible for him to return when he gets his pension or maybe if everything works out we might go there but this period of loneliness is very difficult for me.

I hope next year things will be easier for me and for my daughter. She got good grades at school and for the first time she is enjoying Maths although she doesn't like Chemistry.

Yesterday, I ended up going out with my mother. She was in a terrible mood... I tried to be patient but she wants everything in her way... No deal sometimes and that annoys me deeply.

We had a barbecue at my parents' house this morning and I was happy that I didn't have to cook. I just hate weekends but today I am glad I could rest and take my time to do things after going out with my mother.

I just spoke to my husband and he had a busy day at work. I hope tomorrow he can rest and enjoy his time at home.

Well, that is my report for today... I hope it stops raining...

Good energy to everyone!