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2017-10-13 16:07:26 (UTC)

Busy few days

I am gonna have to slow the hell down. Wednesday I took him to get his shot in his eye...and while he was in there, I went to bed bath and beyond to pick up some new towels for their bathroom. I was not in there long, but I was walking around. It was hard. Then a little later in the afternoon, he went with me to talk to our insurance agent to set up medicare and supplement. All this ended up being was a talk session where I was given instructions. I had to call the social security office to set up or make sure I was set up to receive Medicare A and B. I also need the card they are suppose to send before he can set me up for the supplement. So, I come home and was on HOLD for over an hour...and decided to wait until the next morning. Which I did. Now, I am told that I am automatically set up in A and B...and the card should have been sent....or should be here soon. So, whatever.

Thursday, I met the boss so we could go over some things we are working on. I picked up the new post cards on my way. I stood in there aw while talking to them about other items I can get printed there if I need them. When I got to the meeting place, I went inside for a while and decided I was not going to be comfortable in the chairs, so when he arrived, I asked if I could just sit in his truck and that worked out ok.
When I got home, I had to work on sending out a stack of letters and do some research. I had them ready to mail out in a little over two hours, but realized quickly that I should not be sitting that long. I did not think I would ever get stood up straight again. But I managed. Rode to the post office; picked up some beer and came home to stop doing anything else.

This morning, I set up my physical therapy appointments and was happy to locate a place that is only 8 miles from here. I have filled out the forms and ready to go starting next Tuesday. Talked to my daughter and asked her to stop by here on her way home from work to pick up some money. We want to help her out some while they wait on her husband to feel better and return to work, She is driving a school bus tomorrow for some trip...getting paid a couple hundred bucks; works full time, a realtor and get paid for city council.....busy bee.

So, today....I have tried to put things in their folders from the real estate stuff, the PT stuff and my medicare stuff....everything is in order.
My left foot however is swollen. And I am currently sitting with leg elevated and ice on knee. AGAIN!!! GOD I WILL BE SO GLAD WHEN I AM BETTER THAN THIS.

Anyway...last night I sat here and drank all the six beers....after ordering some chicken wings that were delivered. They love it when I call. I tip well. LOL

But is salad only and water....I do not want to start gaining weight again. I weigh in every morning...and still at a 10 pound loss. I intend to keep that up.

But for now....slowing down.

Look forward to seeing my daughter...and my son just came home early from he can go help his friend who just bought the
company that he works for....who needs a little help with something. Plus he has a dirt track race tonight!!
My kids are busy bees.