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2017-10-13 13:37:18 (UTC)

Three days with my mother


It is going to be a hot day I guess. I went to my parents' house first thing in the morning because I wanted to say hello to my mother. She kind of invited me to go out with her but I am not in the mood to go out today. Also, she wanted to go to a store that sells curtains and I was not willing to spend my afternoon in the store while she chooses the curtain she wants. I was feeling obligated to go when I really wanted to be at home.

I spent Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday with her... doing things with her. So, now I want a break from her ways... Don't get me wrong but I am very patient with her. We went to this place, the curtain store on Tuesday afternoon and she spent a lot of time there asking the price of things and showing the decoration (bits and pieces) she makes in her house that was on her mobile... I was fine but I wanted to go to the toilet and I told her that and she wasn't in a hurry she ignored me... So, it is her fault not mine that I don't feel like going out with her.

The beginning of the week was very stressful for me. I had as I said to give company to my mother and we also went to the doctor together. So, a long time together.

I don't have a lot to do in the house but then I feel tired of the whole process of going out with my mother. She wants to solve things for the house I mean where they are going to live. The place has one stool and it is empty... Nothing to eat, nothing to watch, nothing to do... OMG!

Being honest, I am glad that she is going to be there and I am going to be here. It will give me more space. First, I felt miserable that I was going to be here on my own but now I kind feel glad because I won't have to follow her everywhere... I can always give an excuse or she won't feel like coming here to pick me up to go out.

I am OK, but a bit tired I guess... It was a holiday yesterday, in Brazil. Our Lady Aparecida... It is a Catholic holiday mainly... So, I hope to have some break from routine... I want to rest today... I think I am a bit slow and down today. Although, I feel OK I am a bit depressed for sure.

Well, this situation of being here and my husband being there it is not very healthy for me. But I keep going. Also, it is chaotic here... The builders broke a pipe of water and then I could not use water so annoying the whole thing.

Anyway, I'd better go now... Good energy to all of us!