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2017-10-13 13:17:48 (UTC)

My breath's been waiting baby, waiting on you.

It's been awhile. Surroundings have changed. The local landmarks are blurry and the people are wearing different faces. It's kind of exciting, with so many differences from the memories that once were all I had.

Memories that are now forgotten, lost to the struggle of advancement. There are times when I miss the memories, good and bad. There are also times when I don't even realise that I've forgotten these memories.

Perhaps the substances that course through my body have something to do with it. Or maybe it's just my bodies way of forgetting the past. They once seemed like a life line. A grasp on life that I had control of. Not anymore. Things need to change, I need to reinvent myself. A token of positivity moving forward. A graceful dance that shows I'm no longer a vessel, that I am in fact whatever I want to be.

It's surprising that I let things become so unforeseeable. Considering the situation, I guess I had just cause.

Together we will overcome our experiences. We will move forward as one, and we will change. It might feel unnatural, but we as humans don't play nicely with change.

Won't you be my hero, please come capture me. Under the weeping willow, waiting I will be.