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2017-10-12 06:29:09 (UTC)

Glass House

Mood: Accomplished, and a little low but okay.
Song: None
Color: Peace

This is a poem i wrote today, it's called glass house and it may not be great but i really like it and i'm proud of it.
As always thoughts and constructive criticism is welcome.

Glass House

Smile for the spectators sneaking peaks through my glass walls and door.
Replying to their prying with "I'm Good, no no it's not like before."

Tip toeing through minefields taking shape of people, media, fear and doubt.
Paranoia and anxiety sink me into a depression dark like a blackout.

People press on subjects that i can't speak of hiding in plain sight.
You didn't hear it from me so you fabricate out of spite!.

I've been thrown to the lions, been stabbed right in the back.
I know what worthless feels like and what good things i lack.

With a higher calling a higher road you have to climb
It's not an easy journey but we're born for such a time.

A little older and wiser walls up protecting what's left of me
Still smiling at the spectators in a glass house for all to see.