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2017-10-11 04:43:09 (UTC)

A quick letter.

Mood: Thoughtful.
Song: without you From Rent
Color: Blue.

A quick letter to a person that i don't think i can say these actual words to but i feel the words and i feel the emotions and i want to say it, even if i can't say it to the person.

Dear Kara,

Thank you for Not missing Emma's birthday's or other holiday's.....even the minor ones like Valentines day.
Thank you for always still thinking of her and always sending her cards and gifts and saying that you love her and letting her know that despite everything you still do.
Thank you for not pushing for too much other contact, for understanding that she has this whole other life and that she's doing well and at least now i think wanting whats best for her and putting her first.

She's amazing, she's absolutely beautiful and smart, and creative and kind and compassionate...stubborn and well funny with an oblivious sense of humor.
Thank you for...bringing her into the world...for choosing life.

I love her so much, as if she were my own and i hope that you know that i do, and that i will do everything in my power to protect and do whats right for her, to make sure she has the best of everything.
I don't condone yours or her fathers actions, i don't like how things went down, i know you don't either.
But i do admire that you still never miss an opportunity to send her cards and presents.
It's more than i ever expected from you.