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2017-10-11 00:39:29 (UTC)

Finally over

My son did not have to work today so he offered to drive me to the doctors appointment. It turned out real good because my husband did not have but a couple hours of sleep. So, we get there at 10am for a 10:30 appointment. The office was packed with people waiting, but they had a couple doctors there and a couple PA's also. However, most of them were there to see my rockstar doctor. It was 12:00 before we got in.
Then another 35 or so. It went well. Xrays showed the knee was fine. The pain is normal and I do not have to take the mediation at all anymore. Said I could take over the counter stuff if I wanted too. He gave me a 6 month handicap request and a 6 week request for PT where I go to it instead of them coming here. I was fine with all of it. That doctor is so good. He is so right on...and answered all my questions...and made me feel like I was the only patient he had today.. Perfect.

My son and I went to have lunch which as awesome...and we picked up something for the old man to bring home.

IN all it was a great day.

The boss called wanting new post cards...and some label to add to the ones on the I made them when I got home...
we are heading out on Thursday to look at property for a client we have that is interested in buying property near uptown.
I am ready.

Feeling much better