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2017-10-09 21:29:18 (UTC)

Tomorrow a day I dread

So today I got out of the house. Wen to the bank to take some cash out of ATM. There was a man standing at the ATM outside of his car
holding what looked like several ATM cards in his hand trying to get out cash. He seemed confused when no cash came out and tried another card ending with the same result. Of course I did not pull up close to him at when he motioned with his hand to come on...come on asking me to come on up to help him or something....I just did a U turn and got the hell out of there. I went onto the carwash....instead.

So, I pull up to the car wash. There is a small car parked at the area where you vacuum your car, but they were not doing that. They were still inside the car and the windows were very dark. I could not see how many or who. So, I paid close attention to that car when I entered my info into the auto drive thru car wash....and when it said to pull into the carwash, I got back in my car and looked back at that car...and noticed it
moving forward. So, I just waited watching it until it finally pulled out of the parking lot. Weird.

I left there to go get a manicure and pedicure. I went to the younger lady who is usually alone...that time a day. I was not sure if I could deal
with it and wanted to ask she felt about the pedicure. I could have just did the manicure instead. But she was very understanding. Her mother has had knee replacement and she was so sweet and gentle too me. I was so relaxed when it was over....she had her chair massage on too. It was perfect.

I stop by to pick up lunch..he goes to work today. Came home after doing all that and was ready to sit a while.

The boss called and gave me a project to work on. I have already sent him an outline on what I will be doing so he can
make changes or add too it before I actually start mailing out stuff. So, looks like
tomorrow I go to the doctor, the surgeon who did my knee. He is not going to be happy with.the results so far. I am
in no shape to run a marathon or anything like it. It still hurts. But I am sleeping much better....and every day is better than the last.
He is NOT going to do anything to hurt me. I am taking back up. My husband said he would not allow anyone to hurt me.
If he does....I am calling a lawyer.

Just to talk you know .....