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2017-10-09 17:21:01 (UTC)

The Things To Do And Not Do.

Mood: Ah
Song: None
Color: Peach

Things not to do:
Fall asleep with make up on, it makes your eyes hurt and makes you look like you've been doing drugs.
Buy not Hershey's brand Chocolate syrup.
Speak about anything personal to anyone around here.
Get Jealous about Cy's new opportunity's.
Get Jealous of anyone.
Fall behind in Survival kit again.
Let what the stupid muggles do get me down or effect my emotions.
Live in the past.
Become what everyone thinks i will become.
Be Jaded about Churches.
Be Jaded about Christians.
Be Jaded about Non Christians
Be Jaded.
Think about My age.
Think about Levi, Gene, Josie or anything else sad.
Think about relationships, Marriage ect.
Day dream about Relationships, Marriage ect.
Spend Money -_-
Freak out about the fact that this year is almost over.

Things to do:
Pray. A lot.
Work hard at everything i do.
Try to minister to the people here because i am here.
Don't get to attached.
Be a good Friend to Kim.
Work on SS stuff.
Enjoy the cooler weather and hope it lasts this time.
Check the mail.
Check on specific list of people.
Continue searching for new Job.
Continue trying to be healthier.
Smile more.
Laugh More.
Be more positive.
Look for Mission trip opportunity's.
Talk to Zoe.
Start Christmas Plans.
Mail letters to JS, LS, CM, at least.
Have a change in attitude.
Become motivated and motivating.
Write more things that actually inspire and that i like, like poetry.
Make a difference.
Be open to change that is positive.
Do Random acts of Kindness because it's fun.
Go out and take amazing fall pictures if leaves will finally officially change.
Plan a Game night and invite people over.
Talk about throwing a new years eve party.
Have Joy in life.
Spread Joy in life.
Encourage people.