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2017-10-09 00:47:10 (UTC)

Life was good Today

Mood: Content and sleepy
Song: None
Color: Green

Today our Emma turned 9, And i feel the pride of a parent.
It's like she's my own.
She may as well be. she is.
She had a really good time, good day, good birthday and i'm really glad she did.
I feel so tired i've had to cook, clean do church stuff, do birthday stuff, had to watch the nursery with two toddlers and two babies, which just wears you out cause you can't take your eyes off them for a second and they basically depend on you for everything and some Toddlers are better behaved than others...
Hung out with Kim, Played some pranks that are going to get us killed....haha.
It's just been a really good day..
And as it's Sunday here are the things i'm thankful for:

1. Emma
2. Family
3. My Mother Teaching me how to deal with children, how to cook, how to do a lot of things.
4. Friends
5. Laughter.
6. That sadness of this morning was wiped away with the happiness of this afternoon/Evening.
7. Music
8. Internet
9. Comfortable beds.
10. Darkness/Nighttime
11. Change
12. Time alone to recharge
13. Being an Aunt.
14. Being able to drive.
15. Being able to serve others.

So now all i feel like doing is sleeping and it's not even 8 o clock yet....ha i'm getting old.