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2017-10-08 15:25:38 (UTC)

Oddly Nostalgic

Mood: Bitter sweet nostalgia
Song: None
Color: Green

I feel an odd nostalgia, I was sitting outside the class rooms here at church, i was sitting on my own waiting for classes to start to go in or to not go in, but the main point of me saying this is that i was avoiding people, i didn't want to have to talk to anyone because it still feels weird here, i think i'll always feel weird here.
And it made me nostalgic for a time and place and a different me i guess, a me that felt comfortable in a place.
I Remember at MSBC i was almost always excited to get their and i would walk around and i would go into the class rooms and say hi and talk to the people because it was natural for me there after all those years after knowing those people for so long.
I don't feel that natural comfortableness here.... and it's almost 2 years in now.

I also feel a nostalgic feeling and i miss Gene i miss having conversations with him around the church as he and i would be checking things out unlocking doors turning on air conditioners and lights and or fixing something because he always came early and i was usually always there before him.
I miss just talking to him, i can't count the amount of conversations we had...just him and me.

Bitter sweet.
it's melancholy.