The Girl With 4 Scars

The Girl With 4 Scars
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2017-10-08 14:47:25 (UTC)

This happend last week but...

I wanted to talk about it. Because, I don't think, this is something, that someone should joke about. Again, i'm probably just too sensitive. But I see things, differently than most people. And feel things differently.

So this happened last week.
When I was at work. And, I was helping, another department for inventory. (the one my crush works in). all though, I dont really know, how I feel about him now. and, it's not because of what happened. But, that's just how i am. I have a crush someone, for a certain amount of time. And just move on. because as we all know. i'm not the girl, guys want to date, even if, I can tell they like me. I just move on, so my expectations, dont get too high, and im let down again like i always am.

I was cleaning, one of the aisles.
and of course, he had to stock the shelves, that were in the same aisles me. which made me, kind of self conscious.

we talked about random things for the most part. nothing in particular. there was a moment, i was cleaning, one of the bottom shelves. We were talking, all though i cant remember what about. But then, he said something in the middle of the conversation. that just caught me off guard, and I didnt know what to say really. in fact I didn't say anything. I just kept doing what I was doing. because like what the fuck??

i swear he was just messing with me though. to get a reaction out of me now that I think about it.

but why say this ?
"Oh God I think I love you?"

who says that?! maybe, he was having a one on one, moment with "God" ?? I dont know. just so random! he doesnt even know me lol. i didnt even say anything after it happened. i was just silent like ohh okay lol sure.

first off. I dont even, really believe in "love" to begin with. I do, feel, like you can be physically, attracted to soemone. but as far as "love" goes?
i dont, even know that exists anymore. not true love anyways. more like I'll settle for whatever and call that love.

also. i feel like. maybe he knows about my diary. and thats why im not writing about him as much. and this will, probably, be the last post I write about him. so I dont seem obsessive and weird.

but I don't know what to think of what he said. what do you think? I swear he did it to mess with me. which, im not appreciating at all.