The Girl With 4 Scars

The Girl With 4 Scars
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2017-10-08 08:16:34 (UTC)


Feeling better than I was a couple days ago. I think, I just needed sleep honesty. And needed to catch up on eating. since, I felt like I wasnt eating a lot. so yesterday (saturday) I slept like all day. and I feel much better.

i have today off as well (sunday). i think i just needed some time off. a few days, before I found out, I was going to be working overnights. I had, worked mon-thurs. then jumped right to overnights that Friday.

and have had a crazy busy work week again. first couple days off in a couple of weeks. and i think that's just what i needed. a couple days to just re cooperate and relax.

it's a little after 3am. and i think Im going to watch a movie on my lap top. since I am wide awake.

the good news. is that this week, my older sister, will be helping take of my uncle at his house. so, ill have the house to myself, during the day, until, she had to come home, and babysit, my mom's co-workers son. which will be nice, to have the entire house to myself on my days off.

also my one co-worker Travis. has been texting me a lot recently. and its annoying me quit honestly. the other day, he was like, can joke around sexually? and Im like i thought you had a girlfriend. he claimes he doesnt, but then why did he block me on facebook? oh right, cause i blocked him, when I found out he was in a relationship with some other chick.

he is shady as fuck. honestly. he thinks im down right stupid. which makes him an even bigger ass. so if he doesnt have a girlfriend, why doesn't he un-block me from facebook?

oh right cause he's a two faced liar lol i hate him so much. he thinks i'm an idiot.