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2017-10-07 18:37:42 (UTC)

Pro/Con Love/Hate The American Dream/The American Way.

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Song: American Idiot by Green Day
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This is a writing prompt given to me by a friend as i gave it to him as well.
This is 5 things i love about America and 5 things i hate about America.
Now i feel like it's a bit different writing about this when you are from there vs writing about this when you aren't from there.
I guess it's that when your from the place you own it, you have to accept the good and bad and realize that what ever people think of the place your from you get some of the connotation of it...both the good and bad.
But anyways here are my lists.

Things i Hate about America:
1. Corrupt and divided Government.
2. Health Care.
3. The way other people see Americans or the stereotype.
4. Education systems
5. The Focus on Money and a faulty American Dream.

Things I Love about America:
1. It's diversity, Weather that be in different types of people or the different types of places, America has a little bit of everything, mountains, rivers, oceans, deserts, forests. It's a very beautiful place no matter what part.
2. Freedom which gives us the ability to express ourselves, gives us countless opportunity's, and well basically everything we have.
3. Patriotism. It's become a thing where your shamed if your a proud American, i dispute that.
4. That America even if it has strayed, was founded on Godly Values.
5. Entertainment. Books, Movies, Music, Concerts, Museums, ect. ect. ect. This list could be 100 things long.