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2017-10-06 04:17:13 (UTC)

10 Rules to live by

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Here are 10 things that i think people should live by. haha if i made the rule. which i don't.

1. I think people should love themselves and be learn to be comfortable in one's own skin, who you are, who you were born to be.
2. Everyone Should be open to exploring things.
3. The Following things should be free: Education on all levels, Travel, Gas, and Health Care, Feminine products.
4. What You do with your Career should be something you love.
5. Abuse of all types physical, emotional, spiritual, ect. are unacceptable.
6. Everyone should know how to dress properly and modestly for their body type.
7. Good food is available for everyone everywhere.
8. Traveling is required to travel once a year(unless unable up to the age of 60(still can but not required.)
9. Reaching the 5th grade you are assigned a pen pal, whom you will hopefully love and write and have a friend for life.
10. People should have a creative outlet of some kind.

Adds and commercials would no longer be a thing.
All celebrity's and congress and government have to for one week out of a month give control of their social media to a random citizen.