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2017-10-06 01:28:20 (UTC)

Still trying each day

Today I took a drive to pick up lunch for him as he was graving chicken. I went to the post office too and went to pick up the signs and post cards. the signs look great. They made the wrong post cards. So, I sent them the correct file when I got home and ask them to make them.
I need the correct ones. But I checked my email to when I ordered them and I did send the wrong file. I tried to correct it and hope it works out right this time.

My daughter called saying her husband is doing much better and comes home from the hospital tomorrow. I am not sure what she needs help with....but I will try to help out next week. She did pay her MLS Fees. I think they will be ok. He seems to understand that he really
needed to go into the hospital to get help. I pray this works out so he can go back to work. If not, I fear that she may leave his ass.
She said she feels like a single parent anyway...and he never helps...with the girls and is very detached from all of them.
I am hoping all that changes when he gets home and use to being there again.

I am hurting a little bit today. But I am continuing to work on this knee. I am also losing weight which now is about 10 pounds
lost since surgery. I am delighted. And worked my ass off today. I am hoping I did not do too much.