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2017-10-05 04:27:36 (UTC)

Life is just a connect the dots

Mood: Melancholy
Song: Gentle on my mind by Glen Campbell (the Band Perry Cover)
Color: Dark Blue

I wonder at what point in your life do you start really looking back on it? what mile stones does one feel they have to cross before they start looking back and realizing how far they've come and what they have been through and accomplished.
I mean i think you even do that at a young age...a little.
But i think you do it more when your older, like it's more of a profound thing because you've lived.

I mean are those mile stones your when you make your career? not just a job but a career.
When you get married?
When you have kids
When you watch your kids grow up and experience their own mile stones?
I wonder how it feels to be an older person looking back on your life instead of being a young person trying to look forward on it wondering how things are going to work out and what's going to happen.
I wonder how it feels to look back and smile or even cry on how it happened...
To be able to trace a line like on a map and connect all the dots. because right now all that doesn't seem to measure up to make a picture because you can't see all the dots to connect them...maybe some dots you don't know, maybe they don't exist yet. Maybe you do know them and you just can't seem to make the leap from the dot your on now to that dot because there is life in between that you have to live.

I know that God has a plan.
i know that he has created a picture.
I know that even in my 20's i can see some of the dots that have already connected, i can see the hand of God on my life and why certain things have happened and why certain people have come into my life.
I think that i'm about to be making a leap from the dot i'm on to another one....and maybe it's confusing, maybe i can't understand why i have to go a certain direction because from where i am i can't see the picture that Gods creating but i know that if i trust in him that it will work out for the best for me because i love him.
and in the end...it will be a beautiful picture, maybe like a constellation in the sky...beautifully set up, beautifully designed.