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2017-10-04 19:16:24 (UTC)

Bad connection

Hi there!

It is a beautiful day here in Brazil. It is very windy. I don't like when it is like that but at least it is not hot.

I had a miserable night of sleep again. Just I know that... Well, I hope to recover my sleep tonight. However, I am in a good mood... I am not depressed or feeling lonely but I do, specially in the mornings and at night.

It is funny because I don't like Sunday nights and it is the moment I usually feel lonely as well. But I have been brave... My parents are still here, still my neighbours... The place is chaotic since my father started refurbishing the storage room. Builders and dust... It is difficult to keep the windows open.

I have been speaking with my husband and he is all right and at home. He is due to work tomorrow morning. I guess like me he feels a bit fed up with our situation. He is putting some money in the lottery... ha ha ha... We never know when the luck is going to knock at our doors...

This morning I was very busy. I vacuumed the floors again and did a bit of laundry, cooked, made the beds, washed the dishes, etc... My routine as always.

The internet connection was horrible so I didn't write... just now I felt like writing for a while.

Well, everything is in peace here. My daughter is on her mobile and I am here... ha ha ha. But I don't have a lot to tell. Yesterday, I went out... and had my breakfast at the cafeteria in the supermarket... We did our shopping and my mother was quite peaceful. She has been a little bit stressed lately because of moving houses... but she was fine.

So, good energy and see you soon...

Bye for now.