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2017-10-04 16:23:55 (UTC)

Hump day becomes a day to rest

Rest? What is that? After struggling through the day, I did end up washing some clothes that I had planned on doing today. I also vacuumed the house which has not been done but a couple times since my surgery. After all that, I was ready to lay back and take it easy. But once again for some reason, the pain would not allow a good nite's sleep and I was using ice and pillows only allowing it to melt with no help at all.

I did not get up this morning until after 9am which for me is very late. I usually have already showered, had my coffee and started my day.
Yesterday I went to the bank, I drove. Then I stopped at the grocery store and this time, I even used an electric cart. I did not want too, but I did it. So no long time walking or standing on my feet. When I got home, he was up and helped bring groceries into the house. I did not get much.

But after he left for work and my day started to come to an end, the pain was unbelievable. Today is better so far. I am learning my limits. And trying to take it easy when I need too.

Lots of sadness. The senseless Vegas shooting....and the death of my favorite Tom Petty. Oh, my. I do not even want to hear the music right now. Just let it all go in silence. I have shed a lot of tears in the passed few days. I am not totally depressed but very sad. Being sad is a normal reaction to tragic events and deaths. So, please do not suggest I go to a doctor to sit and talk about it. I am talking about it here.

Glad I have this place.

You guys rock.