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2017-10-02 22:08:20 (UTC)

Sad day

I t has to be the most senseless most ridiculous act to coward over innocent people and shoot them down like ants. It is hard to believe that we have people on our planet that are this crazy. We could blame it on his past. His dad was a bank robber who was once on the FBI's most wanted list, But having grown up to gain your pilots license, own two homes and two airplanes; you would think maybe having a bank robber dad could have worn off. Too sad to even justify typing anymore about him.

But the heroes in our world showed up last night. The angels on earth in the wake of this horrible experience stood up to be seen and to help save lives, some even giving their own. Policeman laying on people to protect them from bullets, strangers pulling in people trying to hide into their vans, cars to help them gain cover from danger....I could go on and on about this and the things so many people did to become unsung heroes. We have heroes among us and we pass them everyday. This was a event where although many had the cell phones up and filmed what was going on; many did not. Others were looking around helping people even those did not know. A very sad day in this country and also a day to see just who we really are.

Then I learned that TOM PETTY passed away. I was hoping it was a hoax. But it was true. I have seen him in person and he is or was one of my favorites.. Reminded me of my mountain woman friend or ex friend. She loved Tom Petty. We went to see him in concert once. Had a great time too. Sat in VIP section.....we had a great day.

I will miss him. But his music will live on forever...I posted a bunch of it on FB.

Tomorrow the boss meets with some guys I been doing research with to locate property they may be interested in buying. OH BOY...usually when I do all this work, nothing comes of it. We shall see if it will be different this time. I also found some very nice lots one of our clients was looking for....and I am ready to list the 800k house later this week....all paper work ready to go...

My son in law is in the hospital getting his medication regulated. I think he needs to be on disability and hope they can make that happen.. It would be just what needs to happen. He has a reoccurring medical condition that keeps him from working, taking classes or being around groups of people sometimes....I think his life would be less stressful and so would my daughters if he can get on disability. I will be praying that this happens.

Our MLS dues are due. I have paid mine. I do not have the funds to help her pay her dues this time. Not sure what will be happening about it. But if she has to give it up, then she can still keep her license active so she can receive referrals. I would give her 50% or most of it to help her, but I have to have the funds to do so. Now, I do not. I feel like shit about it too. But I am trying to just let this go. I can not do everything.

Sad day for me.
Sad day for a bunch of us.....

Let's pray for one another and be kind......I know it is hard sometimes to be kind to some people.....but this world needs more kindness..