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2017-10-01 17:40:10 (UTC)

Little going on

Hi there!

I woke up really early and I didn't sleep really well because yesterday afternoon I took a nap. So, I cannot complain I didn't sleep well last night.

It is really hot today. I was not expecting such hot weather... but I am all right. This morning I had to go to the pharmacy. A part from that my morning was a bit boring. Also, I helped my father to cook because he was tired from working in the shed. It is not a shed it is like a storeroom we have at the back of our property. So, he was moving stuff around.

As I said, we were at my parents' house in the morning and now we are at home. I am quite bored and I am not inspired to do a lot. I guess it is Sunday then I feel a bit lazy.

I have spoken to my husband. He is fine. I was telling him that I miss being a family and being reunited with him. But I have to accept the circumstances and carry on the best I can.

I usually save myself from the housework on Sundays. But as I don't have anything to do I might do some housework as well.

So, I will leave this post as it is because there isn't a lot I can tell... But I am in a good mood... So, people... good energy to everyone.

See you soon!