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2017-10-01 01:15:47 (UTC)

Pain is

Good lord. My knee is so bad today I have had to use the walker. But have not been on it much at all. I did take a ride in the car. I wanted to look for lots. Well, when I got home, I could barely stand up to walk inside from the garage using a cane. The old man had to come out and help me out some.

This is getting ridiculous for real.

One more week.....and then on the 10th I can finally go back to doctor and see what he thinks about all this.

I think my knee is rotting off. morning...

SO last night, I elevated it the best I could. Woke in lots of pain and in need of ice. SO, I took care of bathroom things...and got ice pack and more pillows. I took the Celebrex and 81mg aspire'. I got on like and googled the 5 weeks after tkr. and read similar stories ti mine. I am dong everything right according to what I learned there. If it hurts. DO NOTHING. Take pain meds as instructed and ice...elevate. There was photos of the right way and wrong way to elevate. So, I am back on track.

Fluid causes the swelling and stiffness. So, I guess that is normal, but I have to do what I am should do to help that. I need to realize that
I can NOT go tot he grocery store, take drives in my car....I am STILL RECOVERING. I can do research for the boss. But I will not be able to do much more than that. He will understand.

Maybe by doing what I have learned will help my recovery and make it easier to deal with.

Back on track....just not at the track.