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2017-09-29 23:37:02 (UTC)

Friday's pain

Ever since Wednesday I am not sure what happened but something went wrong. Surely to GOD my new knee is not so frail that barely bumping it with the cane is going to knock it out of place or something. I know one thing. I can just be sitting or laying or doing nothing and it starts to hurt so bad, all I can do is holler. I sounds like a crying animal giving birth. Yeah, I said that.

Still been trying to take it as easy as I can. But the exercise is slowing down to almost none. Walking. Yes, I can barely lift my leg. This is like week two or something. I hate it.

But the boss has has me busy doing research. We have stuff going on all over. We have a lady wanting a lot to build on...
and now he has us working with a man who is using money from up north to buy homes, do some upgrades and just hold on
to them a while to sell or lease. Not sure if I believe all that, but the task is simple for me and has kept me busy.

My husband is off tomorrow and Sunday night....may come home early tonight. I am so glad.

That man who sold us the new bath shower from Bath Fitters called today. He wanted to know if he could stop by and take
a after photo.....huh? Why not do that when it was right after....I have shampoo...a handicap toilet right beside it...not very
appealing. I told him this was not a good time.

The septic tank people came to suck out the tank. We have never had that done. NEVER!! Been here for 23 yrs. LOL. I figured it would
be hard to locate or they would say it needed to be replaced. Not so. Had not issues at all.

SPIDER tried to kill me today. I got past it and went into the kitchen area until he got up. Then he cam in here and found
it, killed it and showed it too me. Otherwise, I would still not be in here..