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2017-09-29 11:39:32 (UTC)


Hi people!

It is 8.24 a.m. I just had some biscuits to eat because I was hungry again. I had my breakfast but I didn't eat a lot this morning. I have made the beds but I still have to wash some dishes and cook lunch but it is too early for that.

I am fine this morning and better than I was yesterday. I could say I was a bit depressed yesterday but not too much. I don't like to feel tired all the time. This feeling of tiredness annoys me deeply. But I keep moving on. It is important for me that I keep doing this and keep myself active. Once again, I will take some blood tests to see how things are going... It is important to know if I am OK.

This afternoon, I am going out... I will give my mother company because she is going to the ophthalmologist. So, I will be in the reception waiting for her. It is going to be a long time to wait until she does all her eye tests.

Well, nothing else to report... Good energy to everyone.