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2017-09-29 02:06:06 (UTC)

Every Quarter

Mood: Ugh. and Reflective
Song: Good day by Click five.
Color: Red

I feel like this song explains my life -_-
Okay that said...
I was thinking about how the past few days i've been in a really low and depressive mood...and i was thinking of the last time that i was in a mood like this, i'm not talking about being upset or stressed or what ever...i'm talking about just a really down and why is me type of mood and i realized that i tend to get like this maybe once every quarter of the year so like March, June, September,December.
now i know that for sure this year it has definitely hit in June and it has definitely hit in September.
December is always bitter sweet because of the 12th and June the same because of Our Birthday.
and this isn't a science, give or take some time on these dates but yeah like every 3 months or so maybe a little more or a little less.
I seem to go into a particularly sad and low time.
I Hate feeling this way, all i feel like doing is sleeping which is a sigh of depression.
So today every time i felt an extra strong dose of sadness i would go and do something, work on stuff for my secret santa, which i sent out my first card today.
Or i would go for a walk even though the weather is depressing....it's not raining but its been dark and overcast all day which i know isn't helping my mood any....people need the sun, even night owls and vampires alike.
I drew several things today, i wrote a lot.
Every time i felt overwhlemingly sad or low i made myself do something productive and for someone else.
Cause other wise i could have just stayed in bed all day.
I didn't. but i kinda wanted to.... I feel like i'm suffocating slowly... can't breathe can't reach the surface drowning in my own mind and i recognized that so i even tried to go visit a friend another attempt to get out of the house but she wasn't there...so that fell through.
I'm trying to fight my way out of this dark mental emotional place, but i feel like i'm punching at air wasting my energy never hitting the target....if that makes sense.
It won't last whic