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2017-09-28 19:06:07 (UTC)

Normal day

Hi there!

I just had a nap and I am bored again... We are in the middle of the afternoon. The sky is grey and it is drizzly. I am enjoying it as it is not so hot.

As always I popped in my parents' house. I hope to continue to do that until they move. My mother was busy with her credit card bill. She said she was trying to pay things and she didn't receive the balance. Something like that. But she was in a bad mood. I am not.

Last night, I was very tired and I went to bed very early. I think because I don't sleep properly I feel tired all the time. At the moment, I am feeling OK. My legs ache a bit.

It is a pretty normal day here for me. I cooked, and I did some housework. So, now I am free... I might eat a piece of melon...

Well, nothing else to report...

Good energy!