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2017-09-27 23:01:50 (UTC)

Midweek update

My knee is still terrible looking. I have PT tomorrow. This has been a busy week for me. I am worried about the result so far of this healing process. Still having a difficult time sleeping at night. The shooting pain is unbelievable. Today, I just walked some. Went to the grocery store without a cane. Had to rely on cart to help but it was ok. Wanted to catch up as much on laundry and things around here before Friday. We may not have water part of the day. Septic tank being serviced. NO telling what they might find. So, been a busy day. No pain pill, but I did take a zertec when I learned I did not have to take him to pick up his truck. We go get it in the morning.

I have a closing tomorrow. The seller lives uptown . Well, the boss has to go pick him up and take him to the closing. He is worried the guy might not have what he needs to close. Sometimes we meet these people who have loads of money but not a lot of sense. Or little common sense. I have warned them that the attorney may not accept a ID that is expired. If not, gonna be a lot of trouble. I do not have time for trouble nor does the boss who has been working his tail off lately.

I did find a perfect location close by where the man lives with the large property. If he likes it enough to want to see it and make an offer. We can list his place. Knee hurting or not...I am sick of this staying home and I am ready to get out and get something done.
There is a girl that I may be able to pay to go take photos with my camera for me. If it comes to that. I can not walk up stairs yet.
Or down them. LOL

But I will not walk or humble away from a 7000 sq. ft house. Just not gonna happen. We need. a sell. I got bills against that need to be paid off. My HSN is almost maxed out now that I bought this lap top that I do love by the way.

Anyway....I feel like shit. My knee is twice the size it should be. The scar looks like a zig zag. Did the man just hate me or did he
let one of the assistance do it? I am confused. My rock star doctor is not going to like the way this looks. I just bet he is going to
want to do something else. As if I am not in enough pain.